Livoratnam kit is an ayurvedic medicine for liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. It helps in treating liver diseases by breaking down complex substances like carbohydrates, proteins and fats. By breaking down these substances, it detoxifies and creates metabolism hormones for a healthy liver.  


SBS Livoratnam kit is an ayurvedic medicine for liver. It is a herbal medicine for cirrhosis of liver that treats liver diseases. It removes alcohol and chemical toxins from our bloodstreams. This medicine is one of the best herbal remedies for fatty liver.  

Livoratnam kit tablets help keep the liver healthy by improving body metabolism. It reduces the stress on the vital body organ and supports the immune system for a healthier body.  

Livoratnma kit by SBS Herbal is a herbal medicine created by our team of Ayurvedic health experts. The contents of this herbal remedy for fatty liver and cirrhosis are: Livoratnam Vati, Livoratnam granules, Nittam fresh powder, and SBS herbal tea. 

This ayurvedic medicine for liver treats Alcohol & Drug-Induced Liver Damage, cirrhosis of lover, constipation. It is also helpful in treating acute and chronic hepatitis, anorexia, and other liver diseases.  

Contents of SBS Livoratnam kit:  

  1. Livoratnam tab – 1 Tablet twice a day (after lunch and dinneror as directed by the Physician). 
  2. Livoratnam Granules – ½ Tsp twice a day (after lunch and dinneror as directed by the Physician).  
  3. Nittam fresh powder – 1 Tsp at night after dinner with lukewarm water.  
  4. SBS Herbal Tea – Boil ¼ Tsp herbal tea twice a day, in a cup of water. 

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