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Product Overview :

Energize your senses with Lime Talcum Powder, a zesty and refreshing choice for maintaining dryness and comfort throughout the day. This powder combines the crisp essence of lime with skin-friendly ingredients.

Benefits : 

  1. Citrus Zest: A burst of lime fragrance invigorates your senses.
  2. Moisture Control: Absorbs excess moisture and sweat, preventing discomfort.
  3. Odor Neutralization: Combats body odor, leaving you feeling fresh.
  4. Soothing Formula: Contains ingredients to calm and relieve skin irritation.
  5. Long-Lasting Dryness: Keeps you comfortably dry in various climates.

Ingredients :

  1. Talc: The primary component for moisture absorption and skin smoothness.
  2. Lime Extract: Adds the refreshing citrus scent.
  3. Aloe Vera: Provides skin-soothing and moisturizing properties.
  4. Fragrance: Enhances the lime scent for a delightful experience.

How To Use :

  1. Clean Skin: Begin with clean, dry skin.
  2. Powder Application: Shake a small amount of talcum powder into your palm or onto a puff.
  3. Apply: Gently pat or dust the powder onto areas prone to sweating, such as underarms and feet.
  4. Even Distribution: Smooth the powder over your skin, ensuring it is evenly spread.

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