Power Plus Detergent Powder


Introducing our powerful and efficient Detergent Powder, a must-have solution for all your laundry needs. Our detergent powder is specially formulated to provide superior cleaning performance while maintaining the utmost care for your clothes.


Product Overview :

Our Detergent Powder is a powerful and effective laundry solution. It provides superior cleaning, stain removal, and freshness for your clothes, leaving them bright and clean.

Benefits : 

  1. Powerful Stain Removal: Easily tackles tough stains.
  2. Color Protection: Maintains the vibrancy of your clothes.
  3. Fresh Fragrance: Leaves a long-lasting, pleasant scent.
  4. Economical: Requires less product per load, saving money.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Contains biodegradable ingredients.

Ingredients :

  1. Enzymes: Break down protein, oil, and starch-based stains.
  2. Surfactants: Lift dirt and stains from fabric.
  3. Optical Brighteners: Enhance clothing’s whiteness and brightness.
  4. Fragrance: Adds a pleasant scent to freshly washed clothes.
  5. Builders: Soften water, improving cleaning efficiency.

How To Use :

  1. Sort Clothes: Separate whites, colors, and delicates.
  2. Measure Detergent: Use the recommended amount for your load size.
  3. Load the Machine: Add detergent to the machine, then add clothes.
  4. Follow Machine Instructions: Set the appropriate wash cycle and water temperature. Start the machine.


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