Onion Oil – Black Seed Hair Oil | Promotes Hair Growth


SBS Herbal is India’s best onion hair oil brand in India which manufactures 100% herbal products. SBS Ayurvedic hair oil is made from a combination of natural red onion oil. The oil is then combined with organic and herbal products to make the 100% organic red onion hair oil. This onion hair is ideal for hair growth and grey hair.


SBS Herbal is the best onion hair oil brand in India. SBS Ayurvedic hair oil is processed from a mixture of natural red onion oil. It is then mixed with herbal and organic products to create the 100% natural red onion hair oils. It is the best onion oil for hair regrowth.  

Red onion hair oil benefits:   

Best Onion Oil For Hair Growth: Regular use of the Ayurvedic organic onion hair oil nourishes the scalp. It promotes hair regrowth by strengthening the roots and reducing hair fall.   

Onion Oil For Hair Dandruff: Using herbal onion oil prevents bacterial infections. Dandruff is often caused by bacterial infections and can be cured using onion oil shampoo and oil.   

Onion Oil For Grey Hair: One of the best onion oil benefits for hair is stopping premature greying of hair.  

How To Use Onion Hair Oil  

To get the best results from using herbal onion hair oil: 

  • Mix it with your regular hair oil. 
  • Warm the mixture of organic hair oils and massage it all over your scalp and hair length. 
  • Keep it overnight and wash your hair will SBS Herbal red onion shampoo for best results.   



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