SBS Dexter Toilet Cleaner is the best toilet cleaner for tough stains in toilets and bathrooms. It is a powerful Indian foaming toilet cleaner for unbeatable cleaning. Try this best toilet cleaner in India for a cleaner and fresh smelling toilet.  



SBS Dexter Toilet Cleaner is the best toilet cleaner in India for all your toilet cleaning needs. This organic toilet cleaner bottle consists of a thick cleaning liquid made to clean deeply from rid to the u-bend.  

Keeping your toilet and bathroom clean is not an easy task. It is always a hated and one of the most difficult house chores. Using a foaming toilet cleaner with disinfecting qualities will make a huge difference. SBS Herbal is one of the top toilet cleaner manufacturers in India. We manufacture Indian toilet cleaners that are effective, reliable, and tough on strong stains.  

To make the toilet cleaning activity less tiring, we combine Hydrochloric acid & Methyl Salicylate to get sparkling clean toilets. Get sparkling clean, hygienic, and fresh toilet with every use of the best toilet cleaner in India. SBS Dexter foaming toilet cleaner is many times better than ordinary bleach, acid, and phenyl. 

SBS Dexter toilet cleaner is usable for Indian-style toilets as well as western-style toilets. Dexter toilet cleaner bottle is strategically bent bottleneck shape lets you pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim. Give your toilet an all-round cleaning with our toilet cleaner.  


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