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To get rid of Digestive disorders, the team of experienced Ayurved doctors of SBS Herbal has researched and prepared an Arshas kit. This kit consists of Ayurved medicines made from precious herbs.

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Product Overview :

SBS Herbal’s Arshas Kit, formulated by experienced Ayurvedic doctors, offers a comprehensive solution for digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, and related issues, promoting digestive health.

Benefits :

  1. Digestive Wellness: Improves digestion and absorption.
  2. Hemorrhoid Relief: Treats hemorrhoids and associated ailments.
  3. Anal Bleeding: Stops anal bleeding.
  4. Pain Reduction: Reduces pain and discomfort.
  5. Detoxification: Eliminates toxins and cramps.

Kit Includes :

  • Arshas Vati: Targets digestive disorders.
  • Arshas Granules: Aids digestive health.
  • Nittam Fresh Powder: Supports detoxification.
  • SBS Herbal Tea: Abundant in herbal antioxidants.
  • Arshas Ointment: Topical solution for affected areas.

How To Use :

  1. Arshas Tab: Take 1 tab twice daily after meals.
  2. Arshas Granules: Consume ½ tsp twice daily after meals.
  3. Nittam Fresh Powder: Use 1 tsp at night after dinner with lukewarm water.
  4. SBS Herbal Tea: Boil ¼ tsp herbal tea twice a day in a cup of water.
  5. Arshas Ointment: Apply to affected areas once or twice daily, as directed by a physician.

Additional information

Dimensions7 × 4 × 5 cm

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